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7 Reasons to Get a Facial

  • Keri Goldinger Although I think a monthly facial is ideal, I'm a realist. Not only is everyone so busy these days to set aside time for a facial, the expense can add up. I only recommend 4-6 week interval facials to patients who I know have the time, can afford it and for those who have problematic skin. For the rest of my clientele, those who just need to maintain their skin, I recommend a facial every season. That's it. 4 times / year! The expectation to return seasonally is: 1) Easy to Remember 2) Cost Effective 3) Time Effective... They love this recommendation! They do not feel any pressure from me and they do not place pressure on themselves to return so frequently. And you know what, they actually return every season! They even remind me that "I'm here for my Spring (Summer, Fall or Winter) facial

  • Becky Farris I think men should be included also! Their skin is important also.

  • Jennifer Wagner Facials come in all shapes and sizes! I am a Master Aesthetician and see women spend $100.00 a month on their hair or more! Why not get a BT facial and enjoy keeping your face firmer than allowing it to relax to the point of laxity? Even seniors are coming out and wanting facials if they can see results! It is a preference where they want to spend the most money!:)

  • Cheryl Whitman Very true!

  • Joy Edmonds I see well over 60 clients on a monthly basis. I make no assumptions of what anyone can afford. My intent is to advise on the best collective approach to meeting their skin goals and let them decide. You'd be surprised at what people prioritize.

  • Joy Edmonds I work part-time as an aesthetician :)

  • Sheryl Miller Great for men and women as they age. More men are now taking care of their skin also to appear more youthful.

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